J K Enterprise; a midsize IT solutions provider, are a team deep focus on industry and technology expertise. We have been aiding businesses to design, install, integrate and commission various hardware & software components thereby providing an end-to-end solution that satisfy our clients’ needs.

We distinguish ourselves by our high-energy technical services, a sharp focus in the emerging technologies, and a long-term commitment to our clients by providing varying aspects of Information Technology services and products to businesses throughout. We provide both on-site and off-site support that allows our technical staff to troubleshoot any setbacks. We are most receptive to listening to our customers, and continuously upgrade and update our solutions.

Honest, true and transparent policies in all our dealings with all our customers has earned us the goodwill to success. J. K. Enterprises has a highly capable, responsible, satisfied team of experts which the customers, industry & competition appreciate. As with customers the company follows a policy of openness with the team. The team runs, owns and shares the profits of the organization.

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