Comwizard Systems was established in February 1998 with an objective of catering to the specialised needs of the emerging market of Co-operative Credit Societies which provide financial services to individuals,professionals and businessmen.

In the proccess of providing services to the above sector,we have developed a Banking Software for the Co-op Credit Societies,and have successfully computerized the operations of some of the leading Co-op credit Societies in Maharashtra like Dnyandeep Co-op. Credit Society Ltd.(58 Branches),Parijat Co-op Credit Society(10 Branches),MSEB Co-op Credit Society,Mahanand Dairy Employess Co-op. Credit Society,and many other Societies.

We believe in providing total solutions to our customers rather than just selling the software,sowe have also taken up hardware services for our customers and provide them with custom configured PCs,Backup Solutions like Tape Drives,Annual Maintenance of Computer Systems,and Customized Power conditioning solutions like Online & Offline UPS systems.We are dealers in major brands like Intel,Seagate,Samsung,LG,Epson,Viewsonic etc.

Our Company is also an esteemed member of the Trade Association Of Information Technology, An association of the 350 top computer and information technology dealers in Mumbai.

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