Apex was born by young minds and passionate hearts who believed in only one word EXCELLENCE…!

Though we were not involved in Tally based services from Day 1, we delivered the best in every field that we served. Tally was our chosen avenue for business.

Our team pounced on the opportunity as soon as it appeared. We started selling and supporting Tally in the most unique way that nobody else did. The strong fundamentals of acccounting and financing clubbed with our business experience proved most useful to our clients. We named our activity TALLY IMPLEMENTATION where we studied and improved the way our clients used Tally. This practice is still going on Today.

To overcome the practical problems we faced while implementing, we chanced upon Tally customisation and we never turned back since then. Today we can provide unique solutions to your practical problems that many vendors would have turned down in fear of failure.

Our endeavours are appreciated by our clients, business associates and even Tally. In a span of just six years we have been elevated from Tally Partner to Master Tally Partner.

We still feel that it’s only the beginning and the sky of opportunities is beckoning. We are diligent,dedicated and most important, WE DELIVER!

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