Building fail-safe computing since 1993 to run business without disruption, Fortune Grecells has served over 2 thousand customers nationally and globally in banking, insurance, defence, revenue, hospitality, recruiting, healthcare, advertising, media, education, manufacturing, stock brokers, distribution and multinational organized retail; all verticals with critical operations that simply cannot function without IT with our indigenous Software: BLACKBOX DATA SAFE.

Winner of ‘The BEST MADE FOR INDIA PRODUCT award, a 25 users SME can save Rs.1,55,000 with Gre@cells Blackbox Data Safe in software and hardware cost, savings that only grow bigger with larger operations. Since 1997 Blackbox keeps data safe to make businesses reliable with integrated backup, license free server and disaster recovery. Businesses with Blackbox Data Safe are more efficient as users continue to work as before on server hardware failure, data loss, or on malware infection.

Blackbox Data Safe can be used as a full-fledged server for data centralization, access controls, group policies and backup to protect data against virus, ransomware, downtime and disasters without the need of Windows server. In a Windows server network, BLACKBOX keeps applications running and data available as backup, business continuity, disaster recovery and high availability instead of clustering and Storage Area Networks that cost over 20 lakh.

An Indian product Made in India by Indian engineers by an Indian company owned by Indians, Gre@cells’ BLACKBOX has saved India over millions in dollars and is now available as license free software: DATA SAFE with a vision to save India US$ 400 million every year to install on any Intel compatible hardware.

Backed by telephonic, remote managed and on-site visits, we support mission critical IT infrastructure operations in IT, ITES, organized retail, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, education, chartered accountants and law firms to keep their organization operations up and running faster

Our mission is to make a difference, not for just living, but for giving.