Blue Chip Computers, Mumbai is developing and marketing Packaged Software products,selling SSL and Digital Signature Certificates (DSC); and offering consultancy in the area of product development and distribution. We specialize in developing mobile apps for business users. We are specializing in products offering Information and Data Security. As a first step we are towards Data Security – we are offering Digital Certificates from Symantec i.e., Verisign, Thawte, GeoTrust and RapidSSL. These certificates are used in various ways for data security – generally used for establishing Web identity and having secure SSL data transfer between the Web Server and a Web Client. They are also used for digitally signing and encrypting documents and E-Mails. As a second step – we are distributing products that allow Secure point to point document transfer over Internet. There are various technologies that allow this but there are very few products that are proven and leader in EDI (Electronic Document Interchange). If you have any requirement for very secure, point to point, Document Transfer requirement – please let us know. We shall be more than happy to discuss your requirement. ====PACKAGED SOFTWARE PRODUCTS==== We sell packaged software from leading software publishers like 2BrightSparks, Adobe, Attachmate, AutoDesk, BEA, Borland, Business Objects (Crystal), Cleo, Computer Associates, Corel, Datawatch, Alt-N, FineReader, GeoTrust, Hummingbird, IBM, InstallShield (Acresso), Lotus, Mercury, Microsoft, MicroFocus, NetIQ, Novell (Suse), Oracle, Quickheal, Quest, Red Hat, SCO, Sun, Sybase, Symantec, Tally, TrendMicro, VeriSign, WinZip, Wise, XJ Technologies etc. etc. Our slogan is YOU CAN DEPEND UPON US.

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