I have registered but my company is not yet seen?

Once you have filled the join now form. You are still not a part of the ASIRT membership program. Your form will be scrutinized and once approved you will be informed by one of our board team member. If you have still not received any information from them you can email them on board@asirt.in.

I cannot find any IT Company in my area?

Please refine your search smartly or search in your near by areas or categories. Or write to us we will help you, mentioning your exact location.

You can refine using a combination of all the fields in the search box or select dropdown field can also help find you like choosing a location in and around you.

I want to get my company too listed on this site?

Great! We welcome you. You need to register your self on www.asirt.in website and fill in the join now form. Once approved you will be listed on this website.

Once approved, How will I login, to add my company listing on mumbaiitstreet.com?

Great Congrats to you and Welcome! Once approved from ASIRT Board. Your login credentials will automatically be created at the backend. MIS Helpdesk will send you an official welcome mail with your login ID and temporary password (we recommend to please change once you login for security purpose) with all other details mentioned in that email (please check your junk email too if in-case you don’t receive the email even after we resend the email and mark not spam for future emails). After you receive the email, still you cannot login with the password mentioned you have to do a forgot password process an automated email with reset link will be sent to your registered email id to reset your password. Once you have added your company listing (take care to add proper details without any mistakes) you need to send an email to helpdesk@mumbaiitstreet.com to activate it till then your status will remain pending and it wont be visible live on the website. We will check all your details as per ASIRT policy and if no problems found we will activate your listings, now you can see your company listings live on the website. If any problems found we will inform you. You can Login here and also check how to add your company listings and logos in the below videos.

Approve your own Ratings?

Alright here is some thing, asked by many…. we have now a feature to Approve your own Ratings and Reviews given by your Customers. Just Login and click on “My Ratings” and check if you have received any. Click on the Approved button only and only if you want to Approve or else it cannot be reversed by you, if you do not want to approve leave it as is, in case you have mistakenly clicked, then please write to us to delete that ratings by emailing to helpdesk@mumbaiitstreet.com quickly.

Any Questions regarding this website?

If you have any questions regarding this website you need to contact on helpdesk@mumbaiitstreet.com and we will get back to you ASAP.

How can you contact us?

You can write to us at helpdesk@mumbaiitstreet.com or visit www.asirt.in for more information.